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Welcome to Adopt a Greyhound Atlanta

ADOPT A GREYHOUND ATLANTA, INC., Atlanta’s oldest Greyhound adoption group, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to providing food, shelter, and TLC to retired racing Greyhounds plus other sighthounds in need, and promoting their adoption as loving and loyal companions. Our ex-racers come from those area states that offer Greyhound racing, primarily Florida. Once entering our program, a Greyhound either finds a ”forever“ home or lives with us for the duration of his/her life.


For additional information on Greyhounds and the adoption process - or for arranging a visit to Greys’Land to meet Greyhounds who are awaiting adoption - please call Carl Viener at (770) 469-9533. Carl will be able to answer all your questions plus schedule a time for your visit.

If you are interested in adoption, we ask that, prior to visiting Greys'Land, you complete our online Adoption Application form. This form does not obligate you to anything. Its purpose is to provide us with information so that we can better assist you in choosing the Greyhound that best fits your lifestyle.




As many of you are aware, AAGA sustained a devastating fire on March 5, 2014, that destroyed more than 80% of the organization's property. Luckily, no Greyhounds were lost or injured. From Greyhound racetracks and farms to Greyhound adoption groups and adopters everywhere – the response to that event was more than we could ever have expected. And for that AAGA will be forever Greytful!

Now, a year later, AAGA has risen "out of the ashes" with a brand new beautiful adoption facility, Greys'Land. You can check out our Facebook page for pictures and updates.

We invite you to call Carl at 770-469-9533 for an appointment to visit the new place and see how AAGA's retired racers spend their time while awaiting their "forever" homes. In addition, we suggest that you ask about our Boarding program for those times when you need to be away from your Greyhound. 

AAGA is also excited to report that our progress over the past year "post fire" is featured in the Spring 2015 issue of the Celebrating Greyhounds online magazine! Currently, the article is only available to magazine subscribers, but in time we will be permitted to make it accessible to the general public.